Reasons You Shouldn’t Choose a Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting might lure a web developer, especially newbies because they practically don’t cost any money. But for the tiniest amount of your money you are willing to sacrifice, you also give up your goodwill, your opportunities to make earnings off the website and other prospects. On the other hand, the web hosting provider still makes money through your contents and you don’t get a share of it, neither do you get to control the ad flow. Given all these negativity, why even would you stick to the free web hosting? We have elaborated the reasons to not stick to the free web hosting.

free web hosting

The Ownership Doesn’t Belong to You

When you pick a free website hosting, even though you create the contents still the ownership doesn’t actually belong to you. The free domain name is the property of the company providing the hosting; even the contents might be legally theirs. They reserve the right to take away your website hosting from you anytime.

No Control over Advertisements

The web hosting company will put ads on your webpage and you would get no control over that. The web host would simply pick ads on a random basis which could turn out to be absolutely pointless against your website contents as well, but you don’t have a way to get rid of that. Some hosting service does let the users choose their types of ads, but that’s very rare. Basically, the web hosting company makes money off the contents you make while you could easily make this money yours.

Credibility Won’t Exist As Much

Using a free domain isn’t a credit; it shows your visitors that you don’t care for your visitor who might be as well as your potential customers. This would drive visitors away, and if it doesn’t still the impression won’t be a good one. A paid web hosting doesn’t cost more than $20 including all per month if you choose a reasonable package, you should do that to keep your business run. If you don’t, that shows you lack credibility.

Search Engine Crawlers Will Avoid

Usually, search engines look for quality websites that are hosted on renowned hosting services as well. When your website is hosted on a free service, the search engines will give less priority to your contents no matter how good they are.

Highly Unreliable

If the website is down, the hosting service is not bound to let you know what happened. They can even keep it down willingly for some maintenance work without even notifying you. The less popular free website hosting services could go permanently off at any time; they have the reputation of doing so. If the business doesn’t make them any profit then they would shut down their service and you are not going to get your data back. Bottom line: free hosting is totally unreliable.


The paid website hosting services charge their subscribers with a specific amount for a reason. The free hosts btw, make that money off your content without even giving you a share. If you are really looking forward to making some money, then a paid website hosting is the one you should look for.

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