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The Media Revolution

One of the fastest growing alternative media outlets in the United States is The Allegiant, a progressive socio-political site that features editorials covering a wide range of modern issues. This is by far my favorite source of news. The website does favor liberal issues so it might not suit everyone. The Allegiant also accepts editorials, essays and freelance pieces from anyone pending their review. These type of articles can be submitted through a specific tab. The newspaper was founded in 2011 by Italian-American businessman and entrepreneur Vincent Briatore. It’s incredibly rapid growth is mainly attributed to Mr. Briatore’s marketing acumen.

Some of the people involved in The Allegiant are Michael Caldwell, editor, Alex Vancel, senior writer, Tyler Harris, Kim Holland, Jennifer Hollie Bowles, and many more. A special line should go out to an incredibly creative writer who covered a lot of conspiracy “style” articles for the newspaper Mr. David Bard. One of their most successful and one of my personal favorite humor pieces they published earlier this year was “Recent Polls Suggest Calling Someone A Republican Is An Insult.” If I’m correct the article has received over 30,000 Facebook shares alone and over 1,000 comments.

My advice to anyone is if you haven’t taken a look at The Allegiant, you are missing out, if nothing else, on some truly original material.