Free Web Hosting Vs Paid Web Hosting Services

The present scenario has become such that for every business you need to have a proper web presence. However, some have the mindset that investment on this regard should be as minimal as it is possible, especially in case of start-up. These are the cases when ideas of free web hosting pops up in mind. Anyway, if you still having any dilemma whether to go with free web hosting or paid, then this article can be helpful.

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Free hosting is typically unprofessional:

Upon going with free web hosting, your site appears at the address bar with the company name offering free host, which is never professional.

To make things in a professional way it is always advised to buy a domain name and go for a paid hosting company like Hostgator website hosting.

Free hosting is never suitable while changing host:

There are some others those plan to continue with the free web host for some days and then to shift for the paid service. In such cases you don’t become able in putting .htaccess file to channel the search engines and traffic to the new address

In addition, the .htaccess methods can’t be taken in to account for direct the traffic or search platforms absolutely upon removing or deleting a page from the site.

In short, it can be said that your entire hard work on a free platform is just wasted when you shift towards a professional paid hosting. Remember, no script can bring you back the traffic or search engine to the new address, as nobody has a 301 permanent option, which is most crucial.

Free hosts lack Error Pages

One more problem with the free web hosting is that here you have no default error page to go through. Hence, if any inconvenience happens it never shows anything like a 404 error. As a result, the visitor is shown with no information about the kind of error, and he might the site has been deleted or something like that.

Control over ads:

One of the biggest problems about the free hosting is that here you don’t have any control of advertises. The company offering free hosting can place ads at any point within your site, and it can be of any kind as well. Sometimes these ads are too annoying to deal with along contents, and in some other occasions these advertises put are not appropriate as of the visitors your site normally drags.

Everyone knows that neither the free, nor the paid host are going to stay with you for ever. But, in case of paid hosting there is always having an option to recover, where as there is nothing such with free hosting. You normally have a hosting account where you can download the whole site with paid host, in case you want to change the host

Confined specs:

One of pretty common drawback about the free web hosting is lack of features, and everyone knows the importance of an enhanced site to be successful professionally. I recommend you to go with paid hosting service like HostGator and use HostGator coupons from . You can’t go through templates of your wish in case of free web hosting. There is also least scope available for scaling up, and you know as you will grow you have to think of scaling-up.

Why BlueHost web hosting is as good a choice as any?

Why do you need a web hosting service?

We cannot imagine a business today without a website. No matter what your product or service, you need a website to take it across the masses. Such has been the internet penetration even in remote corners of the globe that the first thing people do when they hear about a new product is to pull up Google and type in the company name. But, setting up a website is no easy feat; neither is it going to be cheap. Although beginners can always set up a free WordPress site, sooner or later, they are going to have to set up their own business website if they are serious about its success. So we are going to explain why BlueHost is one of the best options out there to host your website. If you are curious about Bluheost hosting and want to read full review of Bluehost and get Bluehost coupon codes, feel free to visit EasyWayToHosting Blog. We will also discuss some of its cons and suggestions as well.

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What does BlueHost offer?

If you are looking for a web hosting service that won’t burn a hole in your packet, BlueHost is what you need. They offer shared web hosting packages that combine various add-ons to your package by default. Some of the popular ones are Site Backup Pro, SiteLock domain security and Google Apps for work. There are various other options that can be added to your subscription too. For advanced uses, BlueHost offers a range of professional tools that allows them to customize their webpage and keep it updated.

BlueHost Subscription packages:

BlueHost doesn’t believe in short term websites and it is exactly why their minimum subscription is for a year. There are two and three year plans as well that will earn you attractive discounts. You will get a full year Bluehost hosting for $3.49 per month with bluehost code coupons from Don’t forgot to use that.

The starter shared hosting package is one of the most popular packages available that is both cheap and is loaded with attractive features. There are advanced packages that come with inbuilt anti-spam filters as well as unlimited storage. Once you start getting comfortable with BlueHost, you can explore the more advanced packages that will give you complete control over your website, storage, bandwidth, email accounts and so on.

VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting Packages

For advanced users, who require larger bandwidths and expect higher traffic, virtual private server VPS hosting is available at reasonable prices. It can also be used for websites that cannot be run on shared servers.

BlueHost’s backed cPanel has witnessed significant improvement over the years, thereby drawing more and more customers. Various add-ons that are added to BlueHost subscriptions by default allow amateur users to learn more about maintaining a website and driving more traffic to it.

Customer Service:

This is one department where BlueHost clearly scores over its competitors. In a recent survey conducted among its users, a majority of them gave positive feedbacks for BlueHost support.


Even though the add-ons that are bundled with the subscription is exceptionally useful for beginners, many advanced users feel they are being forced to pay for services that they might not use. There are some other users who would have liked a subscription that is below one year.

Apart from this, BlueHost is one of the best options available out there if you are considering hosting your website.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Choose a Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting might lure a web developer, especially newbies because they practically don’t cost any money. But for the tiniest amount of your money you are willing to sacrifice, you also give up your goodwill, your opportunities to make earnings off the website and other prospects. On the other hand, the web hosting provider still makes money through your contents and you don’t get a share of it, neither do you get to control the ad flow. Given all these negativity, why even would you stick to the free web hosting? We have elaborated the reasons to not stick to the free web hosting.

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The Ownership Doesn’t Belong to You

When you pick a free website hosting, even though you create the contents still the ownership doesn’t actually belong to you. The free domain name is the property of the company providing the hosting; even the contents might be legally theirs. They reserve the right to take away your website hosting from you anytime.

No Control over Advertisements

The web hosting company will put ads on your webpage and you would get no control over that. The web host would simply pick ads on a random basis which could turn out to be absolutely pointless against your website contents as well, but you don’t have a way to get rid of that. Some hosting service does let the users choose their types of ads, but that’s very rare. Basically, the web hosting company makes money off the contents you make while you could easily make this money yours.

Credibility Won’t Exist As Much

Using a free domain isn’t a credit; it shows your visitors that you don’t care for your visitor who might be as well as your potential customers. This would drive visitors away, and if it doesn’t still the impression won’t be a good one. A paid web hosting doesn’t cost more than $20 including all per month if you choose a reasonable package, you should do that to keep your business run. If you don’t, that shows you lack credibility.

Search Engine Crawlers Will Avoid

Usually, search engines look for quality websites that are hosted on renowned hosting services as well. When your website is hosted on a free service, the search engines will give less priority to your contents no matter how good they are.

Highly Unreliable

If the website is down, the hosting service is not bound to let you know what happened. They can even keep it down willingly for some maintenance work without even notifying you. The less popular free website hosting services could go permanently off at any time; they have the reputation of doing so. If the business doesn’t make them any profit then they would shut down their service and you are not going to get your data back. Bottom line: free hosting is totally unreliable.


The paid website hosting services charge their subscribers with a specific amount for a reason. The free hosts btw, make that money off your content without even giving you a share. If you are really looking forward to making some money, then a paid website hosting is the one you should look for.

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